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Since 1991, Drs. Vaughn and Tracey Wallace have been entertaining family and friends at their home -

celebrating milestones, observing holidays or just getting folks together for a great escape - creating

memories that have lasted a lifetime!

While thinking about how they wanted to spend the second chapter of their lives, both entrepreneurs

wrestled with several business ideas that aligned with their skills and abilities. After learning about the

decline in agritourism in Southern Maryland and talking with friends who own a brewery in Prince

George’s County, Hennessy Creek Bed & Breakfast - Venue - Brewery was BORN!

Once they found their dream location, “how” this was going to happen was never a concern. After

sharing their vision with family and friends, the outpouring of love and support helped bring the Wallace Family to this moment in time. Through this process, guess what they realized? Hennessy Creek is the evolution of what they’ve been doing since 1991. They know for a fact, in our infinite diversity, we continue to be a community of people who enjoy the same tradition of coming together to celebrate life and all its splendor. It is their hope you will visit Hennessy Creek and experience what it is like to be a part of the family!

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